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Welcome to Dolgin Imaging

If you’ve stepped into our website, you no doubt have an interest in fine art portraiture and photography.  For Marcia Dolgin, photography is just a starting point in the artistic process.  Every Marcia Dolgin image balances her refined artistic skills with real life emotion, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece of fine art.

Please visit our new site at Marcia Dolgin for more information about booking a session or to join our Master Photography Courses.

Traditional Sittings

Whether you have a traditional sitting in mind or you’d like to step outside conventional boundaries, the process to achieve your fine art portrait includes your own complimentary consultation with Marcia to discuss purpose, location, clothing, enhancement level and subjects.  

Using state-of-the-art equipment, Marcia has a talent for capturing energy from her photographic subjects and their relationships, then complimenting the work by balancing the emotional and technical aspects, resulting in an outcome that will amaze you

Custom Printing

Once you have made your selections at the studio, all portraits are hand-printed by Marcia with the highest quality archival paper to ensure they last a lifetime. We offer a selection of beautiful frames and mats to provide you with a museum-quality work of fine art to add to your collection.

Her images speak for themselves – as you view our galleries, feel the love, tenderness, passion, happy giggles, pureness and so many other emotions that each portrait evokes.  You will appreciate the vast difference between a photograph and a fine art portrait and you’ll see that Marcia is truly a master of her art.



We know your portrait is an important endeavor. Marcia Dolgin Fine Images offers a 100% guarantee on all work, so you know you have made the right investment.

Marcia and her team look forward to meeting you and exceeding your expectations. The studio is located in Sharon, Massachusetts.

Call us for more information at 781-784-4454

True to Tradition

“ The experience we had with Marcia was just magic. We totally trusted her from beginning to end and we know now why she’s the best in the business. Every time I look at our family portrait on our wall, I feel everyone’s inner spirit and it touches my heart”

~ Lauren Stratton

The Professional Difference

Marcia’s years of experience have honed her skills, enabling her to capture your special moments, creating vibrant photos that will be cherished for years to come.

Promote your business with professional images.


Photography for Greeting and Announcement Cards

Send a keepsake they’ll remember, with photograph memories that last a lifetime.


Sharon, Massachussetts Photographer

Marcia Dolgin at Dolgin Imaging

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